After the Storm!

Oftentimes sorrows over us like sea billows roll, waves dashing furiously against our soul. Many times there seems there are no lights to see but with confidence bold our spirit soars on wings like the broad eagle high up in the heavens, watching the world go by. Over problems we triumph, victory for us is sure, confidence in our dreams assured. Peace and joy our soul forever rejoicing that God our Creator has brought us through.

On the Mountain Of Praise!

ďMy child, why are you living in the valley of fear? Your abode must be on the mountain of praise. Each challenge you faced, your hands you must raise giving thanks for the promise that with you I will always be.Ē No more in the valley of fear I abode, on the mountain of praise is my abode.

The Joy of Spring!

How sweet the bird sings telling us it is springtime once again. From the earth so cold, spring flowers appear, snowdrops and daffodils together the garden shares. Like the spring flowers, your spring time has come, when from the darkness and coldness of life despair you have risen with strength to fulfill the calling for which you have been destined.

Who Am I?

Who am I? The devil hasnít a clue. I have been given power over his wicked and evil ways. Sword in my hand, I am ready to defend my cause, fighting to the bitter end. I have learnt to be victorious; running through a troop. I am a conqueror and much more too; child of destiny who Jesus died for. My life must be one of fulfillment. A child of power thatís who I am.

Sunlight in the distance!
Sunlight in the distance I see, golden beams among the trees. Approaching from the east, making our hearts beat high with praise. Creation is not ashamed of its Creator, His praise forever it sings. Honour and praise belongs to Him. He rides on the tempest, clothed in majestic colours so bright, declaring he has made all things darkness and light alike.

Donít Give Up!

Donít give up, donít give in, and donít think of quitting though the way you cannot see. So much pain at times it feels surreal, seems as if itís all a dream. Though the skies are grey right now, sunlight soon youíll see, happiness is within your reach, with rapturous joy you will sing, praises to the Everlasting King. New blessings He will bring to fill you with peace within. Donít give up, your goals are within your reach.

God opens and closes doors!

Donít worry when the doors on you are closed, you are never alone. You might not understand, but God knows when the doors have become too small; you have outgrown the house in which you once lived. No room to expand, try hard as you can. God know itís time to move to somewhere bigger, much larger for your growth. God opens and closes doors, His wisdom cannot be denied. He closed the doors of lost opportunity, and opens to you doors of new opportunities.

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