Pastor Una Davis' professionalism and skills has enabled her to have access to diverse groups of people, Christians and non-Christians.

She has been invited as guest speaker at various Churches, Conferences, and Meetings across the United Kingdom, Jamaica. Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Pastor Una Davis is a well known public figure in her community, she has been invited to speak at Public Meetings on numerous occasions, addressing issues that affect both women and men, young and old alike.

Pastor Una Davis is gifted with a sense of humour that allows her audience to feel comfortable in her company. She believes “Laughter is Medicine” as quoted by the wise King Solomon.

See below a small portion of the many topics Pastor Una Davis has spoken on over the years.

For Church Conferences/ Meetings

Blessed and Highly Favoured: Luke 1-28
You are Who Your Father Says You Are: Genesis 35-18
The Hour has come: John 17-1
The Cost of true Discipleship Matthew: 16 24 
Different Location ... Same Position: Genesis 30-31.

Community Meetings/Conferences

- Diversity is not Equality.
- Self Assessment / Blind spots.
- The art of Communication.
- The effective Communicator.
- Setting Realistic Goals.
- Fulfilling Childhood Dreams.

Why not contact Pastor Una Davis and invite her to speak at one of your Conferences / Meetings.

Owing to her busy schedule it is important that appointments are made three months in advance.

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